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Valley Paving is a local leader in residential paving craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality work with special attention to detail set us apart from the competition. We have extensive experience installing and repairing residential asphalt driveways of all sizes. Maintaining your driveway is essential to preserve your home’s market value and esthetic appeal.


A Better Paving Process... Means A Better Driveway!
We begin with a professional assessment of your driveway needs, followed by a fair and accurate quotation with a bottom line price you can rely on.

A Solid Base
We determine what is needed to achieve a solid subgrade and stone base for a long lasting driveway.

Driveway Slope
One of our primary objectives is to install a minimum of 1% slope to prevent puddles and promote proper water drainage.

Transitions to Existing Asphalt
Paving notches are milled into existing asphalt and sealed to create a smooth transition and to prevent the new asphalt from getting thin.

Extended Life
For new installation, 2 layers of asphalt are recommended and for existing driveways a compacted leveling course of asphalt is recommended before repaving.

Compaction is Key
Compaction determines the longevity of your driveway which we achieve with our vibratory rollers. Our lighter 1 ton static roller is only used for the finish.

Taking Care of the Edges
We professionally hand tamp all of your driveway edges to aid in compaction and to create a clean and finished look.

Sealcoat and Surface Treatment
Sealcoat helps protect and extend the life of driveways and sidewalks. Applying Sealcoat to asphalt surfaces will lessen degradation from UV damage, water and traffic. Yearly Sealcoating helps to avoid expensive asphalt repairs.